“Often a sign of expertise is noticing what isn't happening (yet)”

We are the extra pair of eyes to take your project further.

How can we help?

We will help you find solutions to your puzzles and challenges, using our analytical and creative skills. We invite you to follow our way of thinking, and we challenge you to find more than one solutions together with us. There are more possibilities that you have considered, and an open mind will help you to put it in the right perspective.

Feasibility studies

Do you have doubts about the feasibility or usability of a projector product? We investigate your project and give sound and realistic advice. Our strength lies in making sharp analyzes and hands-on studies so you can make even better choices. We evaluate projects on technical, operational and financial viability. If necessary, we provide alternatives.

Business development support

We are happy to support you in realizing ideas for developing, improving and marketing new products. Our specialist knowledge and 20+ years of experience allow us to provide tailor-made advice for a wide range of companies in the public transport market. Working out several scenarios, we eventually come to the most promising strategy. We operate in a broad field of work. Rolling stock and parts, but also services and IT solutions. We assist international companies on the Dutch/Western European market as well as Dutch companies abroad. Our focus is primarily on North/West/Central Europe, China, and Southeast Asia.

Strategy consulting

We enjoy thinking along with the plans of decision-makers and helping them to focus on goals. In particular, you can contact us for roadmaps, business cases, or exploration of opportunities and risks concerning equipment technology.

Our experience has taught us that early involvement of (external) specialists offers added value and adds innovative insights to projects. We assess the situation based on various expertises and overviews, crucial for eventual realisation.

We are transparent and decisive, thus avoiding unnecessary paperwork and the risk of delays, and contribute to creating affordable solutions. Then we are happy to help with the implementation and realization of the plans. As program managers, we subsequently assist you with the implementation and realization of the plans.

Authorisation & certification

Certification and obtaining authorization by national and European laws and regulations is quite a task. We would be happy to help you develop and execute a strategy. You can rely on our independent expertise to bring component rolling stock systems to the European market. A complete admissions process is mandatory and lengthy. By making a few good choices in advance, you will save time and costs. We will gladly guide you through the impenetrable forest of rules.

Rolling Stock innovation & sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are high on the agenda for many  operators and governments. Making rolling stock more innovative and sustainable is an important challenge for which we gladly use our expertise. We analyze new possibilities and adjustments and always present several alternatives to make your decision better. We also mediate in contacts between manufacturers and transport companies on request.

Tender support

Are you about to publish or apply for a tender and need support? We guide you all the way if you want. We are experienced in national and international procedures with (European) legislation and regulations and offer assistance in drawing up requirements and guidelines correctly. You can contact us for all procedures for a tender process, or for the coordination of the entire tender bidding. By meeting your requirements, we help you to select the best supplier, or to win the tender. And we provide insight into the market.

The power of 3PT

Working towards intelligent and innovative solutions

Conceptual abilities

Our conceptual and creative abilities allow us to quickly see through complex issues and shed light on projects from multiple angles.


Supported by partners with academic engineering  backgrounds and extensive experience in technology, management, operations,  and business development, we have in-depth knowledge of many technical and  non-technical aspects of the public transport market.


Years of experience in the (international) rail market have resulted in a large and diverse network of companies and private individuals. The rapid mobilization of the knowledge and experience in our network is one of our most important assets. We work together with several permanent partners and, if necessary, involve external experts in our projects.

Always willing to think along

Do you have a question or is a dilemma occupying your mind? Do not hesitate to contact us.We would love to have a cup of coffee with you to discover how we can help you.

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